A Red with uncropped
drop ears.
A Red with Cropped
A Blk/rst with
uncropped prick/erect
A Blk/rst with
cropped ears.
Below are some examples of
Min Pins with different types of
ear styles,  natural and cropped.
Click on each photo to enlarge.
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May luck be our companion
May friends stand by our side
May history remind us all
of Ireland's faith and pride
May God Bless us with happiness
May love and faith abide.
A Red with uncropped
prick/erect ears.
Why should I purchase a purebred AKC Miniature Pinscher from show blood
lines, I only need a pet?  This is a common question I get from people
interested in a Min Pin for a pet.  Breeders put a lot of thought into each
breeding.  Producing a desirable pup is not an accident.  Breeders try to
utilize parents that have a minimum of poor qualities and an abundance of
good qualities.  An ideal Min Pin should be physically sound, have a good
temperament with a minimum of genetic problems.   This can only be
accomplished on a consistent basis, where the breeder has a good
knowledge of both the sire's and dam's family history.  Pups usually are no
better than the genetic material supplied to them. It can't be said enough,
good pups come from quality parents.  To insure that these pedigrees
(family tree), are accurate AKC can check breeders records.  Within the last
ten years, AKC has required breeders to have their males used for stud to
have a DNA profile,  thus pups sired by a male can be traced genetically
back to this sire.
My primary goal is to maintain Miniature
Pinschers who are physically and mentally
sound and are a joy to be around.  
Occasionally, I have an adult who would
make some family a great companion.
Min pin colours
recognised by AKC breed standard.

All puppies will have a written Fl health certificate/vet exam and current vaccinations, fecal
check and microchip.
Tails are docked and dewclaws are removed.
Ear cropping is left up to the new owner.

Here at  Keltic Kennels my emphasis is on health and temperament
without sacrificing structure. My puppies are guaranteed for life
against any life threatening genetic faults, by replacement of another
pup at no charge.

Companion puppies are $1000.00, deposits are $150, personal check preferred .
Balance is due two weeks prior to pick up date.

I place all pet puppies based on the personality of the puppy and the family that it will
become part of.  Size and colour should be secondary to finding a happy healthy pet
that will fit your lifestyle. Remember, adding a puppy to your family is a life long
commitment. The right fit for the puppy and your family is important.

Please remember your puppy  will need your guidance and training to make him a
wonderful member of your family.
Min pins have an average life span of 12 + years.
New puppies are a considerable amount of work, puppies will have potty
accidents and tear things up, are you ready to accept them and willing to help them
grow. Be sure you are ready to make that commitment before you purchase one.
Their lives are precious and they deserve the best life you can give them.

I would not recommend a Min Pin puppy for a household with infants or toddlers.
Households with young children should consider a larger dog that can withstand the
knocks of childhood. Min Pin puppies are very small (2 lb. @ 8 weeks old) and can be
seriously injured by rough treatment. Not only physically but mentally as well
Video's of previous litters .
Shirley Stevenson
Located in Mulberry, Florida
863 644 0346
I believe in minimal vaccinations
and feeding an all raw meat diet. I
feed chicken, Turkey, Pork, Beef,
Fish, raw meaty bones and a
variety of organ meats.
May friends stand by our side
May history remind us all
of Ireland's faith and pride
May God Bless us with happiness
May love and faith abide.

Min pins originated in Germany from the
ancient German Pinscher family of dogs. They
are not bred down Doberman Pinschers, the
Min Pin is the older of these two breeds.
The Min Pin is a small compact dog, ideally
between 10" and 12.5" at the shoulder.
Min Pins are a generally healthy, hardy breed,
they can be strong willed, they are not really
handbag dogs. They are bright and inquisitive
make good watchdogs and obedience/agility
Call, email or text
863 644 0346
If interested in a puppy from a future litter,
Please text your name to me and I will be happy
to notify you when I plan another litter.

Call, email or text
863 644 0346

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